Panacea Medical - Overview
Rangaraj Bhattacharjee,
Physicist, Gauhati Medical College, Guwahati, Assam.

As an alumnus of BARC, I take immense pride in stating that our indigenous manufacturing capabilities have seen the sun shine with the birth of Bhabhatron II Cobalt 60 Teletherapy machine, a blend of several scientific, technical & engineering beauties which is named after the Indian Physicist and "The father of Indian nuclear programme". Dr. Homi J Bhabha developed by BARC and manufactured & marked by Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a very viable & cost effective option for the treatment of a sizeable fraction of cancer patients in and outside India. Bhabhtron II Cobalt 60 Teletherapy machine with improved technology is providing time tested service to the nation. Jai Hind!

Praveen Kumar Mishra
Asst. Professor (Medical Physics) & Radiological Safety Officer, Dept. of Radiotherapy, JA Group of Hospital, GR Medical College, Gwalior (MP)

Bhabhatron II Machine is Computerised, where chance of mistakes are reduced. It is the first teletherapy cobalt machine manufactured in India with R & D support by BARC Govt. of India.

I would like to thank Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. and their Engineers for their service support & cooperation to us. This machine had installed in 2008 in our institution by Panacea Medical Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is very useful for treatment of various cancer patients who is coming from MP, UP & Rajasthan state of our Country.

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
Ex - President of India. Speaking After commissioning the BHABHATRON-II, the First commercially Produced Indigenous Teletherapy machine at Indian Red Cross Society, Nellore, AP on 11.12.2006.

"BHABHATRON-II has many superior features to its imported counterparts viz its operations are fully computer controlled and fully closable collimator protects patients from overexposure of radiation in the case of any emergency."