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With cancer rates soaring in Tanzania, thousands of patients have now got the hope for timely treatment with the installation of Bhabhatron II and Imagin in Bugando Medical Center, Tanzania (2016)
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Transmission leakage measurement of novel telecobalt machine Bhabhatron-II (2015)
Authors: Athiyaman M, Hemalatha Athiyaman, R Rajasekaran and R Neelakandan
Keywords: Bhabhatron-II, Transmission, IEC, Indigenous, Leakage, Telecobalt
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A Physicist Description of Indigenous Telecobalt Machine Bhabhatron-II TAW (2015)
Authors: Athiyaman M, Hemalatha Athiyaman, Neelakandan, Rajasekaran, Dr.H.S.Kumar & Dr. Ajay Sharma
Keywords: Bhabhatron II, Asymmetric Collimator, Indigenous, Cancer, Radiotherapy
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Curing cancer is certainly one of the big challenges of the 21st century. Today, millions of patients around the world receive only palliative care because they don't have access to cancer therapy. "Access is Everything" (2014)
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Dosimetric Verification of Bhabhatron-II Telecobalt Unit at the University College Hospital, Ibadan, Nigeria (2014)
Authors: Akinlade BI, Oyekunle EO, Adenipekun AA, Elumelu-Kupoluyi TN, Folasire AM
Keywords: Radiation dosimetry, Bhabhatron-II telecobalt unit, Tissue Maximum Ratio, Dosimetric parameters, Transmission factor
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Monte Carlo simulation based study of a proposed multileaf collimator for a telecobalt machine (2013)
Authors: G Sahani, SD Sharma, PK Dash Sharma, DN Sharma, SA Hussain
Keywords: Multileaf Collimator, Bhabhatron-II, MLC, Telecobalt, cancer treatment
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Installation, Commissioning And Quality Assurance Tests Of First Indian Made Tele-Therapy Cobalt Machine (Bhabhatron- II) At Sher-I-Kashmir Institute Of Medical Sciences, Srinagar, Jammu And Kashmir (2013)
Authors: M Mohib-ulHaq, Mohsin Rehman, Aijaz Ahmad, M Ayub, Sajjad Ahmad
Keywords: Teletherapy, Bhabhatron-II, quality assurance, BARC, cancer treatment, cobalt-60
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Design, implementation and validation of a motorized wedge filter for a telecobalt machine (Bhabhatron-II) (2011)
Authors: Rajesh Kumar, DC Kar, SD Sharma, YS Mayya
Keywords: Bhabhatron II, Wedge Filter, Motorised Wedge, teletherapy, cancer
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Role of Bhabhatron in Cancer Care in India (2009)
Authors: K Jayarajan, DC Kar and Manjit Singh
Keywords: Bhabhatron, telecobalt, cancer treatment, teletherapy, radioisotope
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Comprehensive Evaluation of On-position Leakage from Source Head of Bhabhatron-II Telecobalt Unit (2009)
Authors: SD Sharma, Rajesh Kumar, DC Kar
Keywords: Bhabhatron, telecobalt unit, head leakage, patient safety, occupational safety
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Compliance of Bhabhatron II telecobalt unit with IEC standard radiation safety (2009)
Authors: G Sahan, Munish Kumar, PK Dash Sharma, DN Sharma, Kanta Chhokra, Bibekananda Mishra, SP Agarwal, RK Kher
Keywords: IEC, Radiation Safety Standards, Telecobalt, Dosimeters, Bhabhatron II
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The Bhabhatron: An Affordable Solution for Radiation Therapy (2008)
Authors: DC Kar, K Jayarajan, Manjit Singh, SD Sharma, GV Subrahmanyam
Keywords: Bhabhatron, Cancer, Radiotherapy, Cobalt 60, Telecobalt
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