Panacea Medical - Radiology
Digital Mammography Unit with Tomosynthesis and Biopsy

Digital mammography and tomosynthesis enabled LILAC is designed with the patient in mind. The large digital detector with a field size of 29x23 cm is capable of acquiring high resolution images. The high frequency x-ray generator with multiple settings allows the operator to have complete control over the image quality.

The highly versatile LILAC ensures patient comfort during all modes of operation. With variable floor to detector distance, LILAC is capable of imaging patients of various sizes. Wide range of predefined positioning angles enable the operator to identify the ideal position for imaging. Lilac provides value added motion management for the wheelchair bound and recumbent patients. These features make LILAC a highly versatile unit capable of diagnosis in three different positions i.e. standing, sitting and prone position. LILAC is capable of imaging breast tissues of varying thickness from 10 mm to 210 mm while applying a uniform compression force.

The tomosynthesis on LILAC is performed on a wide angle of ± 30° with swift acquisition of slices for 3D reconstruction. The system also has an anti-collision feature to ensure patient safety during tomosynthesis. The system comes equipped with Automatic Exposure Control (AEC), Anatomically Programmed Radiography (APR) and 4 inbuilt filters.

All these advances features of LILAC can be controlled from the touch screen enabled mobile workstation or from the handheld android controller. This added mobility in the workstation and the handheld control gives the operator the complete freedom to move around the patient.

LILAC Benefits:
  • Screening and Diagnostic procedures on standing, seated or recumbent positions
  • Fast and comfortable positioning
  • Large active field of view to accommodate larger breasts
  • Outstanding image quality with dose efficiency
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice