Panacea Medical - Impact
Immobilization & Patient Positioning for Accurate Treatment

Radiotherapy treatment planning and dose calculation, combined with effective positioning, improves the quality of treatment. To tackle the problems of patient positioning, site specific positioning & Immobilization devices have been developed by Panacea. IMPACT devices are made of durable & skin safe materials. They are designed to be indexed on diverse Couch tops.

Easy moulding, precise repositioning and patient comfort are vital for treatment delivery.

Panacea is providing all these elements with IMPACT thermoplastic Masks that enable precise immobilization, providing the foundation for successful imaging and treatment in radiation therapy.

IMPACT accessories aid the clinicians in maintaining reproducibility of positioning in every fraction of treatment.

The 3 categories of IMPACT devices namely; Patient Positioning Devices, Immobilization Devices, Accessories are serving the clinicians as the true partners in Radiotherapy.

Impact Benefits
  • Indexable on various couch tops
  • No hazardous effects on skin
  • Maximum comfort & support for the patients
  • Maintains reproducibility