Panacea Medical - Bhabhatron 3i
IGRT Gamma Beam Therapy Unit

The tried, tested and proven cobalt radiation therapy gets a complete new overhaul with the revolutionary Bhabhatron 3i, the ring gantry-based gamma therapy unit. With on-board technological advances like image guidance and Multi Leaf Collimation, Bhabhatron 3i expands the treatment capabilities of cobalt radiation therapy beyond expectations.

With an SAD of 80 cm, high dose rate up to 320cGy/min can be delivered. The mechanical stability of ring gantry along with 30 pair MLC with complete overtravel ensures accurate treatment delivery. Equipped with powerful imaging modalities like kV imaging, CBCT and fluoroscopy compounded with the robotic carbon fiber couch with 6 degrees of movement ensures precise treatment during each fraction.

The robustness and simplicity of a cobalt unit combined with image guidance and 6D robotic couch makes Bhabhatron 3i a unique solution for every radiotherapy center.

Bhabhatron 3i Benefits:
  • Can deliver IGRT, IMRT and 3D CRT
  • 6D robotic couch with rotational movements
  • Inbuilt beam stopper
  • DICOM compatibility
*Specifications are subject to change without prior notice